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Musician/Producer for the Soulpreneurs Association

As a local musician from Portland, Oregon, Dave Leo Baker has been creating and performing since 1989. In recent years, Dave entered into the modern ambient scene, combining New Age, Cinematic, and Ambient music, fused with inspirations from nature to create his own unique sound. Dave Leo Baker has 14 studio albums, is the exclusive musician for the Soulpreneurs Association, and enjoys sharing his music on Clubhouse.

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Vibes and Vision with V - Dave's exclusive music for Soulpreneurs.

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90s: A Collection of Short Piano Pieces was created to recapture the Pacific Northwest sound of the 90’s new age piano.

Scenes from Yellowstone Dave used sampled nature sounds provided by the National Parks Service to create a blended composition that puts the listener right in front of the geysers of Yellowstone National Park. With a background in soundtrack production, it is his most atmospheric and cinematic album to date.

In Meditations, Meditations II, and Meditations III, Dave created a classic new age, world fusion, and modern ambient series for meditation.

In Waves of Imagination he created uniquely longer pieces that provide brainwave entrainment to stimulate creativity. Heart Languages was influenced by classic, acoustic new age sound; the first half highlighting harp, the second half piano. Vision and Purpose furthers Dave’s fusion music and explores the journey from desire to fulfillment of one’s life purpose.

Covid 19: Answers from Nature is an intricate combination of new age, ambient, and world fusion, combined with nature tracks. Planet Rising is about coming together, connection.

Piano Reflections, Vol. 1 is a collection of piano covers, pop songs and classics, with Dave's signature sound.

Piano Reflections Holiday Edition showcases Dave's creative piano renditions of holiday classics.

Piano Reflections: Songs Of My Ancestors is Dave's most emotional release to date, showcasing ballads and folk tunes reflecting his Irish heritage.

Waves of Imagination II is the second in a series of brainwave entrainment albums, combining ambient music with sounds of nature. This album is unique, in that Dave was able to allow fans on Clubhouse to listen in on the creation of the album.

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