Dave Leo Baker

Musician in Portland, OR

Dave Leo Baker

Musician in Portland, OR

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You're giving out, it's time you got a little bit back! Listen to my music to relax and unwind.

I am the in-house musician and music producer for the app Body Soul, check your app store! Great daily doses, meditations, and much much more!

The music produced for Body Soul is done by me, but it is exclusive on Body Soul and you won't find it in stores.

The app is free, and is well worth your time.

I'm super stoked about Clubhouse, an app for your phone, where I accompany the voices of storytellers, meditation instructors and more.

Follow my Instagram and check out the bio links there for way more info! This is a growing platform with so much good intention, a lot of great coaches, meditation instructors, teachers, and just plain fun stuff!

I'm @DaveLeoBaker on Clubhouse, and DaveLeoMusic on the new and beautiful Sociatap.

You dig mp3 copies of music? But Digital Rights platforms are a drag?

You can buy your favorite music on Amazon, buy a single mp3 or full albums of mp3s here, play them on your favorite player, Kick back and vibe out!

Amazon.com: Dave Leo Baker: Digital Music

Music For Social Distancing

Working from home, now? Feeling isolated? Play this Music For Social Distancing playlist in your browser while you telework, play and sleep.

Listen on Spotify instead.

COVIT-19 Stats For You And Those You Love

The site I use, beautifully crafted by a great web developer I personally know: https://cvstats.net

Ecosia plants trees when you search! What a cool idea! Discovered Ecosia and I've started using it. Give it a try.

should you, after you sign up as an independent artist.


To check out my music without leaving this page, click the + graphic above and watch my content on Youtube.

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* Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7jRWp8T199u9njjkLgtJB6

* iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/dave-leo-baker/1437401703

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